"Training with Scott has been a godsend for me. His knowledge, enthusiasm and love of the martial arts make him an amazing instructor who’s class you don’t want to leave and look forward to your next session with him. Classes are very educational covering striking, trapping, grappling and weapons etc. They are energetic as well as fun! Scott is very patient with his students going at their own pace as well as very flexible with his schedule to meet your needs. I highly recommend everyone looking for martial arts instruction in the Cape Atlantic County area and beyond to train with Scott at EPOC Martial Arts in Ocean City!"

 ~  B Leighton

"I have had been studying with Mr Gehring for over 5 years and have been in the martial arts for over 20 years. I feel that i have learned more with Mr Gehring in 5 years then i did in all of my previous studies. His knowledge and enthusiasm are top notch.

Mr Gehring has a fantastic teaching style. He is able to convey his lessons to students of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. I've seen him teach an "athletic 20 something", and then in the next class tailor the same skills to a "45 year old house mom".

I study Kenpo karate, and feel that adding Jeet kune do to my studies has turbo charged my self defense skills.

To put it simply, this guy is the real deal!"

~ Jarrett A

"I have recently started training with Scott in the martial art I have always wanted to take classes in but could never find them near me, Jeet Kune Do! Within only 5 classes I have learned so much and I carry myself with such confidence due to his attention to detail and dedication to his teachings. He truly cares about what he does and it shows in every class I take with him. Scott has started turning an out of shape and truly un knowledgeable guy into someone who can't wait to train again with him the moment I leave class. Scott wants to give back what he has learned and anyone will benefit from taking classes with him. So don't pass up a great opportunity. Contact Scott and EPOC Jeet Kune Do, u won't regret it"

~ Rozenbags

"EPOC Jeet Kune Do provides the learner with a unique blend of effective styles. The beginner can expect clear and practical instruction with an emphasis on a realistic street IQ. Instructor Gehring demonstrates easy to learn combinations with various self-defense applications. Experienced practitioners can expect tailored content with varied difficulties to improve their craft. I highly recommend this program!"

~ Thomas H