Do you want to take control?

Do you want to take control of your life? Do you want to empower yourself with an overwhelming sense of self confidence and heightened awareness?  Do you want to learn how to effectively defend yourself, family and loved ones quickly without the overhead of traditional martial arts programs, uniforms and belt systems? If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions EPOC is for you.

The mission of EPOC martial arts is designed to help empower people not to be victims and become modern day warriors.   Our students are exposed to strategic and tactical asymmetrical methods of self-defense that teach you how to deal with adversity and confrontation, whether it be in business, school, or life in general. 

A blend of mind, body and science is unified into our training program.   When the body works better, so does the mind -  the two are tightly intertwined as a single human machine.   We want to improve your human machine!